Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Saving on Pet Expenses

While drinking my coffee this morning I was reading Real Simple magazine and came across a helpful article about saving on pet expenses.

  • If you have a dog that requires grooming ask your groomer if you can get a discount for grooming midweek on a slow day.
  • Pay close attention to changes in routine. If you catch something early treatment options can be less expensive and may even save your pets life. For example: panting or coughing can be a sign of a heart condiditon that could be treated with medication and change in diet.
  • Don't skimp on food. Cheaper foods can contain harmful preservatives such as BHT, and fillers, like corn, that can cause allergies. These two ingredients can cause skin reactions and may require a vet visit and a prescription diet. The first two ingredients should be animal proteins, not byproducts, grains, or vegetables.
  • Adopt your new pet. Instead of buying from a breeder donate to a shelter and choose a pet that has been vaccinated and spayed or neutered. Our local humane society's web address is http://www.swh.org/. There are local rescue groups as well as specific breed rescue.
  • Consider pet insurance. Some policies cover annual checkups, vaccinations, accidental injuries, and some illnesses. This can translate into major savings.

One thing that I would have added to this article was to invest in training. Lots of behavior problems and destructive behavior can be avoided by properly training your new family member. Dogs like to be with their families and if they are polite and well trained they add enjoyment into your life your life instead of draining your pocket book. Training doesn't have to cost money either. My favorite website for training tips is www.dogstardaily.com. I also love to go to the library and check out books about positive training methods.

I am open to any other tips on saving money while enjoying your pet. What are you favorite ways to be a penny pinching pet owner?

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