Sunday, August 16, 2009

Senior dogs and patient husbands.

This week has been busy getting ready for school to begin and having a foster dog in the mix. My daughter is getting very attached to Dillon and I know her Father is not very happy about this. She has asked if she could keep Dillon and he told her no. This brings back memories of when I was young and my Dad told me I couldn't keep the latest animal that I had "found" and brought home. I remember the frustration and the sadness when we would find a new home for the dog or cat. I finally learned my lesson and quit bringing animals home. As an adult I am bringing animals home but I have to ask my husband if it is ok to keep it. What is it they say about marrying your Father....

I would like to get involved in senior dog rescue and rehabilitation but I am not sure how I can keep the peace in my marriage and persue this dream. It may be one more thing that will have to wait...

I am actively looking for a home for Dillon while helping him learn some coping skills and he is giving me more insight into what some of my clients are going through with their dogs. Some of the things I have had to do for him include putting him on a feeding schedule so he learns that food is something to work for. He really is not that interested in food/treats/toys so I have had to figure out what he really likes so I can use that as a reward. Building self control and self confidence. Teaching him the basic obedience commands and some tricks. I will update and post some of the resources that I have used.

This coming Tuesday, August 18, I am going to have him on KOLR 10 (between 6:15 and 6:45 am) and KSFX (around 7:10 am) talking about the benefits of adopting a senior dog. Since this is the last Tuesday before school begins I am going to have my daughter handling him to show how well he works for a 4 year old. We will see how that goes... We are also going to show the name game and talk about getting your dog to pay attention when you say his name. I hope this will pique some interest in Dillon and he will find his forever home.

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