Friday, October 30, 2009

You Can Cross Over

I went to a seminar this past weekend about clicker training and "cross training" dogs. Lesly Nelson is brilliant and able to teach in a way that is easy to understand. She is another person that I want to be like when I grow up:) When she was asking why each of us was at the seminar I told her that I wanted to understand how I can teach clicker skills in a class situation. I have been using it in my private lessons with great success but I wasn't sure how to make the jump to using it in a room with a bunch of people and dogs who had not ever used the clicker. I left that seminar all a buzz and I can't wait to begin teaching classes in January with our new curriculum. I was reading some articles that were linked to on the APDT list and this one really struck a chord with me. Donna Duford is another trainer that I want to be like when I grow up. Here are her thoughts about crossing over from older methods to positive methods. You Can Cross Over

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