Tuesday, December 6, 2011

2011 Winter Pet Photo Shoot

 Misti Encourages Her Dogs' Focus with a Favorite Bright Toy
 Lindy, Rosie & Truffle Focus Their Attention on The Photographer
[Clockwise from Left] Truffle, Misti, Rosie & new kitten, Diego Get Festive with tinsel 
 Misti Holds Rosie as she photographs Truffle and Lindy
Rosie Brings Smiles As She Enjoys Her Holiday Attire 
Rosie the pug Helps Misti Set Up the Next Shot! 
A Kissing Train :: Truffle Kisses Diego and Diego Kisses Rosie 
Lindy, Rosie & Truffle Focus Their Attention on the Photographer 
 Truffle Poses for Her Holiday Scene
 Truffle & Lindy Are Ready to Shine!
 Truffle & Lindy Having Fun During The Shoot!

Never Underestimate the Power of Fun in a Photo Shoot!
[from left] Rosie, Misti, Lindy, Truffle, Diego and Oliver [far lower right corner]

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