Thursday, September 3, 2009

Teaching a Dog to Stay Out of the Trash with a Tattle Tail

Teaching a dog to stay out of the trash or off counters.

When you have a dog getting into the trash the first thing to consider is why they are doing it.

    Were they ever taught to "leave it" so they know the trash can is off limits? (watch the teaching leave it without force on Youtube)

    Are they bored while you are gone and the trash is a fun thing to play in?

I always suggest making sure the dog is getting enough exercise and has appropriate toys to play with while you are gone. (Kong/Nylabones/Interactive toys)

Is the dog ready to be loose in the house?

If there are other destructive activities going on the dog may not be ready to be trusted loose in the house and should be confined to a crate or safe "dog room".

Teaching "leave it" is very easy to do while you are present. But, depending on the dog and the reason they are getting in the trash the training breaks down when you are not in the room.

    There are ways to proof the dog on "leave it" while you are in the room.

    There is a handy little device called a Tattle Tale that is a motion sensor alarm.

    The first time you set off the alarm act like it is something really really bad and you need to run away from it. Have the dog on leash and get them to run with you away from the noise. Be a good actor and make an impression on your dog.

Set the dog up with a plate and have the Tattle Tale on the plate near the bait. Put the plate in the trash can or on a counter depending on what you are working on.

    Leave the room and wait for the dog to set it off and run from the noise.

    Praise them for running away-act relieved they got away from the noise.

This device will also work for getting on couches or beds.

Set up the Tattle Tale under a hat or blanket and when the dog jumps on it the noise will scare them off.

You can get a Tattle Tale at All Pet Supplies or find one online.

Misti Fry M.S. CPDT Side Kick Dog Training

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